Posted by: xtrhic | January 19, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A few weeks ago my son and I went to a classic car show here in Jakarta. They had the usual stuff from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and the performance cars as well. A couple of 70-ish Mustangs, Porsche and Lamborghinis. What caught my eye was actually at  a stand that touted restorations. They had a before and after car. The before car was just a shell, all rusted out Ford Capri. The after car was also a Ford Capri. A V-6 2600cc Fern Green 1973 Ford  Capri that used to belong to my father. It had been restored completely. Before you say, naah, its probably just a similar model. It was actually the actual car that my father owned. We had sold it many years back, well after my father had passed away. Locked inside the car, was a copy of the Classic Car Indonesia magazine that told of the history of the car, including how my father imported the car from the USA to Indonesia after he completed his studies in 1973. Left hand drive and all. I will post the pictures later.

This little trip down memory lane caused me to try to remember all the cars that we have had in our lives. I like to think that what we are exposed to as children affect us as adults.

In chronological order:

  1. Morris Minor (not too sure of the year but definitely before 1969)
  2. Toyota FJ 40 ’69
  3. Ford Mustang ’69
  4. Ford Capri ’73
  5. Honda Accord ’81
  6. Toyota Corona ’89
  7. Toyota Kijang ’91
  8. Toyota Corolla ’93
  9. Honda Accord ’90
  10. Jeep Cherokee Classic ’96
  11. Honda Accord ’96
  12. Mazda Protege ’91
  13. Nissan Serena ’96 (not too sure of the year)
  14. Hyundai Trajet ’01
  15. Kia Pride ’05
  16. Jeep Cherokee Limited ’96
  17. Ford Everest Limited ’05

Obviously we dont have all these cars now. They have served us and served us well, but as my work has taken us to various places, we have had to release these vehicles. In any case, I wanted to remember these cars and the places they took us and all the memories they were a part of. So this will be my project for the next… well, at least  for the next 17  posts. If I don’t get sidetracked with something else.

As a post-script, I think I should post my own pictures of the cars instead of stuff found on the Net. It’ll take more time to gather and post. As most of my fathers pictures are still slides, negatives and prints that I havent scanned.


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