Posted by: xtrhic | April 26, 2008

Live Report from Arcadia\’s Black Cat!

Live Report from Arcadia\’s Black Cat!

Ok, so we got here a little late. Well, just in time actually. I parked the car at another buildings parking lot, and hopped it on foot over to the Plaza Senayan Arcadia building. Made a quick stop at Duta Suara to buy a couple of Chris Botti\’s CD\’s. I actually have some of his CD\’s but thats another story for another time.
Made it over to Black Cat at 16:00. A few other people were here from other communities as well, such as AyoFoto, Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran and Blogger Indonesia. Not quite sure how I got invited, but here I am.

OK, its a bad shot. Too much backlight. Hey, its a mobile phone camera, what can you expect. Of course, any charitable acts are welcomed. *self-pimpage*

I\’ve been reading a bit about Chris B, and aside from him being a trumpet player, like me, thats about all that we have in common! Well, we both like jazz. The interview is starting, so I will listen for a bit before I add more.

Anyway, May 24th… Balai Kartini? Find me next to the stage! If I can afford the tix!


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