Posted by: xtrhic | February 18, 2008

Neutrality 3

Just recently found out that the CHe of Switzerland is from Confederation Helvetica. 😀

Anyway, it was my last day in Geneva. I went to the meeting site to say goodbye to some of my friends, browse the internet for a bit then head off to Zurich.

I was on the train by noonish. I packed myself some food since I wasnt sure I would be able to get a lunch on the train. Well, I know I can get lunch on the train, just wasnt sure where on the train I could find the food. Anyway, the train ride was ok, read, ate, slept, looked at the fields we passed by. Again I didnt take any pictures, not sure why this time.

So I got to the Flughaven, stored my huge suitcase at the left luggage (right luggage?) and took another train to go to the Zughaven (hahaha) the city train station which was about 15 minutes or so. I got some more food before I left the airport. Then I got on the local train to the citystation.

Once at the hotel, it started to get dark rather quickly. I didnt feel like going outside and exploring, I guess I was just lazy. The hotel was rather nice, it was a boutique hotel of sorts, with large, loud colored panels in the hallway, hidden lighting etc. I also had dinner at the hotel, it was billed as a good restaurant, which I found to be true. A lot of people, not from the hotel, showed up to have dinner. It was a French restaurant (I’m in Zurich, the German side of Switzerland). The food was great. I’ll post the pics later.

I decided to take a walk around the hotel. I tell you, it got quiet pretty darn quickly right after sundown. Which made me think, is this a safe neighborhood? Some of my friends had been robbed and the sorts in Geneva, so I decided to play it safe: keep on the opposite side of anyone and everyone. Call me paranoid. But there werent anyone on the street to speak of so I made it a quick evening and got back to the hotel and logged on.

The next morning, I packed, checked out, and walked towards the center of town, close to the city station. I remember walking this very area (Braunhoffstrasse) about 20 years ago exactly. I realized that I didnt have as much time as I thought I did, so I hurried through my sightseeing and returned to the Citystation and then on to Flughaven.

Got my suitcase from the left luggage place, opened up a secondary, foldaway bag, I offloaded some stuff from my main suitcase. The thinking is that I would have 2 bags, with a 20kg limit each. I sadly miscalculated.

I proceeded to the check-in counter only to find out I was 4kgs overweight (the luggage!) on each piece. I quickly repacked into 1 suitcase, put all the overweight stuff in my backpack and in a plastic bag the checked in. Fortunately the nice lady at the counter (who first told me my suitcases were overweight ) was able to help.

After passing customs, finding that the line to board the aircraft was sooo long, I went to a bar got myself a coke and a toblerone, and an internet connection. Chatted with my friends at home, got on the plane, programmed my inflight entertainment then settled down to enjoy the 12+ hours of flying.

Arrived in Singapore a bit later than what I had hoped for, so I had to rush over to the connecting flight and praying that my luggage would make it as well. After another 1 hour and a half of flying I find myself back in the cradle of traffic jams and pollution and flooded streets.


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