Posted by: xtrhic | November 1, 2007

Neutrality 2

Several days after arriving in Geneva, its been non stop meetings till the evening. I havent had time to go around for the sites. The weather hasnt helped either, its been cloudy almost all day. Fortunately on Friday night, it was a full moon and the clouds cleared up a little. I took a walk down to the lake, and was afforded a very nice view of the sun setting, the full moon rising and of course, a good view of the Jet d’Eau. I’m hoping the pictures will come out nicely, it was pretty cold, and the boat I was on didnt help in terms of a steady hand.

The Moon, The Jet and The Water

My friend and I took a water taxi across the lake, walked around a bit, and took pictures under the Jet d’Eau. It was windy, cold, wet and getting dark very fast. We crossed back (round trip tickets cost 3CHFr) and took some more photos amongst the bird shit laden railing. I ignored the bird shit coz I couldnt see it. 😀

We then went to look for some food. We ended up eating Chinese Food (go figure, all the way to Geneva and we eat Chinese food). It wasnt the best Chinese Food Ive ever eaten, but it filled up my tummy. We walked around abit to see our surroundings, and we discovered that there are quite a bit of restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel. There was Swiss food, American, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and so on and so on. I cant wait to try them out!

On Saturday afternoon I followed a suggestion of a friend to go to the Plain Palais which has a weekly Flea Market. Unfortunately I arrived as they had started to pack up their stuff. It was a very nice day, the sun was out, the sky was blue (it was beautiful and so are you: Beatles). People were chatty, kids were running around. A flea market as I would have dreamed it would be. I ended up buying a used novel.

Plain Palais

That evening I had dinner on my own. I wanted to try the local cuisine and something Ive always wanted to try but havent had the chance: Fondue. I walked in at about 18:00, sat down, and tried my best to order the fondue. Fortunately the waiters English was much better than my French. I got my drink and my fondue.
After about halfway through, I started feeling a bit tipsy. I took a really good look at the menu and discovered that they mixed beer with the cheese for the fondue. Ah, no wonder, but i finished it up anyway.


I’m going to write a bit more about my culinary adventures rather than my actual walking around, since I have done more eating than walking!

Another friend and I happened upon an Italian restaurant near where we are having our daily meetings, so we decided to give it a try. We had some seafood soup and a mushroom and cheese pizza. The pizza’s not very Italian but it was very fresh, very fresh and very big. The waiter said it was for one person. Apparently one very large person! I can put away a fairly large pizza, but this one I could only eat half.

The pizza…The pizza…



  1. mbAh… oLEh – OlehNYa mN?

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