Posted by: xtrhic | September 20, 2007

Nuclear Energy in Indonesia

For the 4th most populous nation in the world, that is still “developing”, I personally think that nuclear energy is the way to go.

  1. fossil based fuels are running low (10 more years so they say), and the govt is planning on further reducing its subsidies., making it even more expensive.
  2. wind and solar energy are still only 40% efficient (triple junction solar panels are only 30% efficient, im giving an extra 10% just in case somebody develops something in the next 4-5 years). Extremely expensive to develop and deploy.
  3. Water based power generation will cause somebody to point out somewhere there is an endangered species or significant historic thing that will be drowned if we make more dams. Besides, water is a touchy subject now. Too little and you die. Too much and you die too..
  4. Fuel cells still not at a financially feasible point. (Or are the oil companies holding us back? hmmmm)
  5. Geothermal sites are still few and far between. Not really sure where this is now. I know Indonesia’s got a few sites going.

how will indonesia make its transition to a “1st world” nation? or an “emerging nation” if we do not have the energy to power our factories? we have nothing else to sell. We have (are still) depleting our natural resources too fast for the poor earth to regrow them (biological only, not so for minerals and fossil by-products.

Talk about govt corruption and complacency as a reason not for us (indonesia) to have nuclear energy? well, take a look at the nations that do have nuclear, and tell me they are not corrupt as well? the US? Russia? China? *North Korea*?? but 2 (or 3) wrongs dont make a right, as long as the corruption watchers are on their toes *and* the plant is thoroughly inspected prior to commissioning, i’m very optimistic.

Earthquake prone zone. I think its possible to find an area that is relatively quake free. Definitely forget about Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra. Plus most likely we will have learned a lot from the other nuclear plants. Chernobyl, that was built in 1977, with Russian technology dating perhaps in the 1960’s. Surely we’ve learned something since then??

Safety and Law. I think in the end money talks. Get good conscientious employees (of any nationality), pay them well, and let them lead the way. Oops, wrong song. Most oil companies in indonesia have decent if not good safety records, and most of their OSHEA staff are indigenous.

I would support no nuclear power in Indonesia *if and only if* the whole world agrees to do away with nuclear power and nuclear weapons. I really think its not fair if Indonesia is singled out and thereby preventing or removing Indonesia’s opportunity to finally “lepas landas”.

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  1. hell yeah, from a pessimistic perpsective, never build ur own gallows pole .. pessimistic because we cannot manage our own muddy problems, pessimistic because we cannot manage our pollution problem, pessimistic because we cannot manage our natural resources ..

    pessimistic because of one simple questions? are we ready for protecting our nature? i once went to a place on south sea of java, there is a plan to build PLTU (steam reactor), good .. but by compromising what? They plan to cut hills around the area, ironically, the hills were the natural fortress against the ocean wave (tsunami), so if they cut the hills off, will they ready for another risks? do they think about that?

    i would be good pessimistic supporter for my own country, because of one silly reason, if we want to make a good “take off/lepas landas”, we have to think about good airport, not just ‘appear to be good’, same as with nuclear reactor, we ‘might’ need it, economically, energetically, or what ever urgency reason, but are we really ready for the risks. That is belong to the sense of ‘responsibility’, per se, and we have to pondering a lot about that.

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