Posted by: xtrhic | September 5, 2007


Damn buswayz! I took the busway home from work today. Close to the end of the first leg, the bus was well beyond the maximum number of people allowed on the bus which I think is 85. At the 2nd to last stop, nobody got off the bus and 2 people snuck in the back entrance, pushing me and the other 80-odd people further and deeper in the bus. I thought ok, this will get better at the next stop.

Was I ever wrong. I think wronger might even be a better word for it.

The next stop was a transfer station, and when the bus got there, it was as if Burger King was handing out free Whoppers. The bus station was full. It seems the buses heading out of that station were all delayed somewhere along the route before that station. Now keep in mind these are elevated platforms, so that people can just step aboard the bus without having to go up steps. So now Im standing on the platform, again in a mosh-pit like squalor. No buses heading the East.

10 minutes later…

Still no buses heading East, but another 2 buses drop off another 80 or so people at the bus stop and none of them are alighting from the platform.

15 minutes later i had enough of the human sardine imitation, i pushed and shoved my way towards the exit and out onto the street. free at last. i walked over to the corner of the street and hailed an approaching taxi and headed home.

Wouldn’t you know it? As i got into the cab, there was the East bound bus.


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