Posted by: xtrhic | November 10, 2006

hah! its been soooooo loooooooooooong since my last entry here. at lot has happenned. a lot. where should i start? dont want to talk about work, cause that is soo boring. at least for me. havent touched my camera’s in quite a while. havent looked through my ‘scope either. well not true on both counts, my son and i watched a partial lunar eclipse a while back and took some shots. unfortunately we are situated quite close to a major metropolitan area with some really star unfriendly lighting. Plus some neighbor was burning either trash or leaves, giving us a pretty hazy sky. Hence cloudy seeming pictures.
i’ve resumed playing music again. semi pro. we actually have paying gigs! its not much, doesnt cover any expenses that are incurred, but fun nonetheless.
we’ve bought, bought, debated,sold and sold bought some vehicles from our stable. i’m pretty happy as far as those go. my only issue is that i now have 3 additional gasoline induced holes in my pocket.
we’ve gone camping. the whole family. that was fun and relaxing. the only problem there was that it hadnt rained in quite a long time and so the field which we camped was very , very dusty. plus when we awoke the next day, some rather confused footballers were waiting for us to pack up and move so that they could have their pitch back in time for the game of the week. apparently we had camped on a football pitch of the nearby village. well we didnt know, we got there at close to midnight, it was pitch black, and it wasnt really a proper football pitch… it didnt have goalposts.


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