Posted by: xtrhic | April 29, 2005


This is so embarrassing. Regardless of who is at fault, or the cause of the meelee, it is just plain embarrassing. Some notes: there are a lot of racist foreigners, there are a lot of racist Indonesians.

Notes to myself: if ever I get into an argument for my son or daughter, I hope I can keep a cool head and not resort to violence or name calling or any other low form of expression.

A bit of curio, how can a person who claims to be a Nationalist, prides himself of being Indonesian, put his son to go to an International School. The Jakarta International School at that. Can you not find a more bourgeois school? There are other better “English speaking” schools in Jakarta that are more nationalistic.

Jeez, I still cant get over how embarrassing this is. Unfortunatly for him, he will have to bear the consequences of SBY’s policies and wrath.



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