Posted by: xtrhic | April 25, 2005

uggghhhhhh….. sooooo many things to write about, so little time and so much laziness…
things i want to write about :
– personal space and lack of it. sheesh… i was standing in line for something and this guy kept inching up to me. i didnt appreciate it at all. gotta give a guy some space …
– which side of the road do you drive on? left or right? which side of the sidewalk do you walk on? which side of the stairs do you climb up on? i hate it when i have to zig and zag when people walk on different sides of the path. shouldn’t there be some common ettiquette on how to walk on sidewalks….
– small plane seats on long flights. airline people need to wake up and realize that people are getting bigger. i think the statistics on body mechanics need to be readdressed.
– can we also take a look at the BMI index as well ? I mean why are asians (actually isnt the race ‘mongoloid’) put in a different category than europeans (caucasians) ? the diets of people around the worlds are now almost similar thanks to McDonalds and Starbucks, 2 champions of globalization.
– speaking of ‘race’, according to this race is more of a sociological distinction. and has almost no biological merit. every homo sapien has the same biological potential. to get sick, healthy, fat, diseased, whatever. that a certain sociological group of homo sapiens have the propensity to be small, or large or whatever may be due to surroundings, culture etc. so if you take that individual (say from very young) out of its regular surroundings and put it into a different group, that individual would obviously adapt to its new surroundings. it happens all the time right ?

thats enough for tonight…. ive got so many things i want to do and write about but time is always an issue…. even as i write this beside my sleeping spouse.
just so that i write this down: i want to preserve my family pictures. i want to start reading up on the new horizons of technology to keep up, i want to go out and take more pictures, i want to go and take pictures of the stars, the planets, the moons. i want to go camping again. i want to read more books (real literature to counter my current dosage of pop novels). i want to be able to spend more time with my family….



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